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The Sound of the Drumming~~~

Well, over the last few weeks I've been watching Doctor Who Series 3 and I loved it! "Blink" and the series end episodes were really awesome, Blink was...kinda scary actually...scary scary angel statues, the Dalek episodes were cool too, don't think there was an episode I didn't like actually! Martha is a really cool character too~
Today I went to look on amazon.co.uk and found out they had released an OST for the music used in series 3...omg I loved the music in series 3 so much, so I ordered it X3

Oh yeah, this was my first time watching Captain Jack too, since I haven't seen much of the first series, he was funny and...I really liked that shock bit in the last episode about how people call him "The Face of Boe", that was just...wtf? XD I loved that part!

Oh and a late Happy New Year from me \o/ I made no resolutions as I know I'd break them.

And yeah, posting this at 4:30am... I've screwed up my sleeping schedule and I'm not tired XD;

Hummm, the next thing I feel I should watch is the XXXHOLiC anime, since my buddies at duelacademy_r2 are making me wanna watch and read the manga of both that and Tsubasa through their awesomeness. I have also been told I should check out Code Geass too.
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