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So far my Christmas has seen me sleep in until half 12, go over to my mum's for dinner, watch the Simpson's movie <3 That was awesome! And I plan to watch Doctor Who on my computer later on :3

Present list? Well counting them all in whole:
£60 from my dad
Piplup and Buizel plushies from Chris (*I'll get your presents in the post ASAP, I kept forgetting to post it off due to work ><; Though mines nothing compared to the awesome that is these plushies though! <33 I love em! Thank you!*)
Chocobo Plushie from Helen
Box of Maltesers from my brother
Pokémon cards from Tony

Aaaand I think that's it.

I need to clean my room over the next few days and make a nice plushie display |3

But what to do now... I could start on Pokémon movie 10 screenshots, so I don't release them months from now XD; I haven't paid any attention to Type Wild lately :/
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