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Meadowhall Stuffs

The trip to Meadowhall yesterday was really fun! Seems both Tony and I are more looking forward to conventions next year than Christmas XD Haaaa, typical that our train broke down at Sheffield when going there, luckily they got another train for us, but then some lady asked us to fill out a questionaire about traveling on trains/buses and it was like having to take an EXAM, funny thing is the old lady that sat across from us told us she used to be a school teacher as well XD
I didn't get to finish mine so, I think I failed the exam D:

Hummm, I managed to get a few Christmas presents at least, might grab some more from work tonight. Got some cards, and then I managed to somehow buy a bunch of stuff for myself! :D;;; Got some awesome Pokéomon Gashapon things, two Pokemon that turn into Pokéballs, some Yugioh and pokemon cards, some ink cartridges for my printer (*FINALLY!*) and episodes 1-12 of Bleach \o/ Awesomes~!

I'm working 38 hours next week...ouch X__X;
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