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One thing down...

Whoo! Well that's ONE thing out of the way! Amecon Accommodation status - BOOKED
Unfortunately I never managed to get into town like I planned, a combination of sleeping for almost an extra two hours than I'd planned, wanting to book the accommodation first (*And the first few times I ran I got the answering machine |<*) and well....IT'S COLD! D: *Fails terribly* Oh well :/

Going to Meadowhall with nightowldarksky tomorrow! :D So hopefully that'll be fun for the both of us, we've both been feeling a bit "meh" lately as it were. With me it's just a combination of work, my dad and realizing how much stuff there is that I needed or wanted to do and such little time to do it in ;~~; This time of the year sucks for that big time.

Charity shop Christmas dinner is tonight! :D I really should take my camera and get some pictures of everyone I work with and post the photos in a friends only post |3 Heee~

Things still left to do:
- Get hair cut (*Probably won't happen until after Christmas now*)
- Tidy room, put up decorations (*I need to stop staying up to late and sleeping too much and DO THIS*)

And now, I'm gonna eat and watch GX 165! Reaction post probably coming soon~!
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