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GX 164 + Work Rambling

dshghdsghf 164 was so so so cute, I love cute brother stuff |3 And the sunset scene Shou had with Juudai was adorable. I love how Shou used a combination of his brothers cards and his own...Dragonroid is adorable |3
Our little Shou has grown up so much *Wipes tear from eye*

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
What the hell GX?
I love GX and it's crack, seriously |3

Hummm, nothing much more going on in my life other than work and RPing, wow I'm exciting XD;
Should really think out going to Meadowhellhall at some point next week and to get my hair cut that week too.

Oh wait yeah, talking of work, I was stupid yesterday, overslept and didn't get to eat anything before going there, so I was really tired and hungry and they chose that time to do a cashier observation on me |< Safe to say I failed that miserably, opps. Meh, not like I haven't failed it before, they expect me to be all happy and chatty all the time when sometimes I just CAN'T for I am HUMAN, want that? Get a robot with a constant smile on it's face kthanx.
Thing is they know I'm quiet and shy, yet they still expect me to be like this, hahaha, and the supervisor that did my observation was all like "You should be like this one girl off the X-factor" and then was all "Wait no, she's too in your face, maybe half like her" and my reply?
"...I don't watch the X-factor, I hate those shows"

You know what...when she told me I got a red on that observation I should of just said "Red? YAY! Red is good! It stands for Justice \o/" but...that would of made her question my sanity. Actually, I think they'd prefer a more insane me D|
SELL MORE POKÉMON STUFF THEN I'LL TALK TO CUSTOMERS MORE OFTEN, KAY? Seriously, I once got into a good conversation with a customer who had Pokémon Mystery Dungeon in her shopping that she was buying for her son and I got to ramble on about how awesome Diamond and Pearl was |3
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