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Life's Little Rambles

Sorry work, not going in earlier today |< I need food, a shower, some time to myself. Need to finish the art exchange I have left over at poke_arts but my art muse has up and left me, will get it finished this week though! I should really do my annual Christmas Pokémon picture too, I'm thinking maybe doing Aipom and Buizel for it...wearing Christmas hats 8D; Heh, it's become a yearly thing for me to try and do a GX picture for Halloween and a Pokémon one for Christmas, even if it started like that by acctident XD
You know...I never did get that prize from Bulbagarden for winning their Christmas art contest last year...oh well XD;

I still need to find the time to get my hair cut and like...go and buy my friend some Christmas presents and get Christmas cards and...
...yeah D|
Need to clean my room and put up Christmas decorations too... job for next week possibly, my dad is being emo and won't have any decorations up elsewhere in the house.

Urgh, guess I should go and find something to eat D| This...is going to be a very VERY long week.

....should be getting the CDs tomorrow though \o/
Tags: art stuffs, christmas, fanart, is this year over yet?, why did you leave me oh great art muse!?, work
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