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Small Update + Announcement and Ramblings

Well, looks like I'll be busy at work as always, working a lot this week, luckily I have a normal week next week, then it's back to working loads for Christmas @_@
To those who I usually talk to on MSN on Tuesdays, I've been busy these past few Tuesdays and I'll unfortuntly will be working this Tuesday so earliest I can come on is next week :/

Also to pikachuchansan - Just so you know we can't reserve Kenzan for you so if someone else comes along with interest before you get to app him then you'll lose your chance, though if you app him soon, make sure you are sure that you have the time to play him ^^; We're a very active RP so lots of stuff happens in a very short time.

Talking of DA-R2, I did my first IC duel as Juudai Friday night! And it went better than I thought it would XD I got Thunder Giant out twice and I popped Uebel and her final form with it's effect~~~! X3 Juudai has the Desu eyes now which is awesome 8D

Eh, best get ready for work .__.
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