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Turn End~!

Good news! Glory Days and Endless Dream have FINALLY shipped off! XD YAY!

So I haven't been updating here much, been busy with work and role playing @_@ I have a really full week at work next week too |< But at least the week after I have normal hours. I've also been learning how to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game by using YVD...finally! XD Mostly it's so I can do in-character duels with Juudai, but it's nice to be able to actually do dueling and build some confidence with it. Many thanks to hinoryu who gave me his E-Hero deck which is way awesome and to everyone who's been dueling with me for practise :D
It's weird, I'm actually better at it than I thought I would be and now I fully understand cards like Fusion and Miracle Fusion, fusing monsters isn't that hard to do. I got out E-Hero The Earth twice yesterday! |3 Heee~! I still have a lot to learn but I'm enjoying it at least~!

Still need to do my entry for the art trade at poke_arts @_@ I've got it sketched up, just need to find the time to outline and colour~ Plus an entry for the shiny pokemon contest.

Urgh, work soon, I hate Fridays...bet they put me on the freakin' basket till again...they just keep doing that |< And I hate it. ESPECIALLY on Fridays.

Oh yeah, haven't done a ramble on GX 163.
Er...cute brother stuff is cute |3
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