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GX 162: Most adorable episode EVER


Wow, this episode was just so so so cute |3 And hopefully this means Juudai is going to be less PMS-y now XD He looked so happy at the end, just like his usual self~~!
Anyway I loved how juudai seemed to work better with rei than he did with Asuka and how she was death glaring them, until Juudai and Asuka had a conversation though flashbacks and scene changes Oo; After that Asuka destroyed the trap Rei had used to change partners so they can change back and after that Juudai and Asuka worked much more better together and managed to win |D; After that they high fived and held each others hand in congratulations, they looked at the crowd that was cheering for them, looked back, noticed they were still holding hands and they let go very quickly, that made me squeee so much, it was so freakin' cute XD I think Rei was death glaring them at this point but I couldn't tell that well, the second half of the episode wasn't as good in quality.
Their little conversation at the end was cute too |3 Especially when he did the gotcha pose thanked her for the fun duel and smiled at her which reminded her of his smile in the photo she was looking at.

The fangirl in me is happy |3

That aside, next episode Kaiser is back and he still has heart problems.

Tags: episode ramble, gx season 4, saotome rei, tenjoin asuka, yu-gi-oh! gx, yuuki juudai
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