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GX 161

Wow Juudai....you need to lighten up a little |<
And by little I mean...a whole lot. Srs Juudai is very srs D: Asuka should just hit him over the head with her duel disk and it would be the first time I'd be in full support of that if she did, he...kinda deserves it, he's being an ass and needs some sense knocking into him I think. I still love you Juudai but sheesh, I do miss happy goofy you from time to time D:

Tome's fail at dueling was hilarious :D Also...Shou can top Manjoume |D;

Looks like in the next episode, Asuka gets so pissed off with Juudai she swaps places with Rei. Rei's all "^__^ YAY" and Asuka is just all "RAWR!" to Kenzan and he looks all "Ohdeargodpleasedon'tkillme D:"
Really looking forward to next weeks episode :D I'm curious to see how it will end.

I want 162 now ;~~; Glad I'm not working much between now and next Wednesday, week will go faster like that :D
Tags: saotome rei, season 4, tenjoin asuka, tome-san, tyranno kenzan, yu-gi-oh! gx, yuuki juudai
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