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Meh, I have to make sure I get up in the morning cos I have to be in work for midday... which means I have to leave the house at 11am to make sure I get there in enough time -_-;; Ah well good news is I'm only there until 4pm X3

Kat Chan's holding a contest on DA and the first prize is a Naruto DVD Box Set *drools* I want the box set....
...buuuut with being up against the likes of Pinali and Splash I don't think I have much of a chance *lol* But I don't know until I try *shrugs* I just need to think up a decent picture for the theme she chose... Shounen-Ai/Yaoi if there was ever a doubt, I suck at couple pictures and I'd probably have more chance of winning if I'd draw dirty dirty Koukou yaoi or something XD but that obviously AIN'T gonna happen....my mind, although warped, is too innocent to draw anything like that so I'll have to go with super fluffy shounen-Ai, most likely Koukou shounen-ai I think either that or Takouji, not sure yet...
Box set..... *____* (*Drools again*)

Also at work today I spent most of it with some sharp microscopic piece of glass in my finger ;_; I kept catching it and it hurt. Doesn't seem to be in my finger any more though and it doesn't hurt anymore so it much of come out X_x;

Hummm right I plan to watch Yugioh once it's finished downloading then straight off to bed for me X3
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