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To: pikachuchansan

To: pikachuchansan

Still interested in taking up Kenzan in duelacademy_r2? He's just become free as the previous player dropped him. So if you're still interested, feel free to write an app out and post it at this post~ (*The form for the app is in the post~*) where we'll review the app (*You need two approvals for an in from the mods*). I'm hoping you're still interested cos my Juudai needs the Dinosaur member of his Aniki cult! XD
Anyway if/when approved, yes, I will make icons for his journal for you :3

Also, do you have mIRC by any chance?

Also, on a random unrelated note...I spent most of my shift at work dressed up as Harry Potter today 8D; I got to be annoying to customers and kept getting requests to turn people into frogs or make them dissapear...also... to the VERY angry mother and her three unruly little trantrum boys who made a scene in the store today and will never read this...
...LOL! You guys were hilarious |D
Tags: da_r2, rp, we needs a kenzan-saurus!
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