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*Reactions after seeing the pics for episode 159 preview*

...Juudai's gone insane, hasn't he?

So in the next episode, he snaps at Fubuki, it looks like Asuka slaps him one Only a matter of time before he ended up on the receiving end of that and then it...looks like he tries to dump Daitokuji's soul in a toliet? WTF? Hopefully there's a GOOD reason to why he's doing that ;~~;

Also: http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k89/EvilBakura/GX%20158/60.jpg Mr. T is Mr. Smith |o

I love you GX, never know what you're gonna spring on me next.
Looking forward to seeing this ep tonight~

Also I hate this cold....GO AWAY ALREADY don't get WORSE damnit!
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