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What the... O_O


Remember what I just said in my last entry a few hours ago about a possible way to stablize our connection using our old speedtouch broadband modem?

We had to re-install our old modem on my dad's computer, we got a stable light on it meaning we were connected, though at first we didn't actually try connecting with it and disconnected the modem, plugged in the livebox, did nothing. So next time I asked my dad to actually try and connect with the old modem, we did that, it connected, but despite being at about 4MB of speed, it was going very slow. So we decided to disconnect and try connecting the livebox again and after a few long flashes it all stablized and we got our connection back!! HOW it happened I don't know, I've read something about the network and the livebox getting jammed up and the old modem helps un-jam it...but wow, just wow.

But hey, back now! YAAAY! :D

Thankyou orangeproblems.co.uk which is where I found this method from, you saved me another week of freakin' out |D;
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