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Here we go again...

...guess who's net went down again today....or more last night ><; I was curious if others have had these problems and sure enough there is a whole SITE dedicated to problems with Orange broadband, a lot of them having the same problems as us, or similar problems, apparently that upgrade they did would of moved us onto something called a LLU and LOADS of people have had problems since and get the same crap from Orange we've been getting. So it may not be the speed after all, it might be because we've been moved onto some equipment at orange or whatever that DOESN'T FREAKING WORK!! Seems loads of people at this one site have left because of this :/ We might end up having to do the same and go elsewhere, I've been told sky broadband is good, might do a search for that in a while.

Unfortuntly if we do move ISPs it means my service at home will be down for a while. I'm gonna try and come over to my mum's house and use my brothers connection EVERYDAY (*Except a few I can't cos I'm working*)whether Adam likes it or NOT and try to keep up with at least DA_R2, but unfortuntly my characters will have to go journal only at this time. There's something I might be able to try to get my connection back, gonna have to show it to dad and see what he says, it requires our old connection, before we upgraded to 2MB, apparently connecting with that helps unjam the connection for some people, so guess we'll see.

But yeah...right now I'm all for getting the crap away from Orange, as is my dad.
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