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Urk, ended up staying home from work today, woke up this morning and could barely speak ><; That's gotten better now and my throat feels better after getting to sleep some more, kinda have a headache now though, blah. I feel kinda bad though, when I phoned up to say I wasn't coming in, the person who answered went off to tell someone else and I head a loud "Noooooooooo" in the background @_@ Maybe a lot of people rang in sick today .__. Oh well...least this gives me until Thursday to get over this damn cold or whatever ><; Probably a good thing I couldn't go to Fuyucon today cos it looks like I wouldn't of ended up going anyway even if I could XD Hope everyone there has had a nice Sunday though :D Like I said, I had loads of fun Friday and Saturday and met so many awesome people like Katie and her friends~

I feel tired @_@
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