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Fuyucon - Saturday Photos + The Videos

Saturday at Fuyucon was loads and loads of fun :D Managed to stay for the Masquerade which was marked down on the program for being 2 hours long when it was really...about 25 minutes long XD That was loads of fun though, I totally loved the Team Rocket Grunts hosting it XD I got a video of them trying to say the Team Rocket motto~

http://www.pdunited.co.uk/Fuyucon2007/Saturday/ - Saturday photos~


View from the 10th Floor of the Hotel

Run Away, Pikachu!

Fun in the Lift

Inuyasha VS Sesshomaru

The Chase is On!

More Sword Fights

A Catboy Slave!

Glomp Pile

Team Rocket's Blasting Off Again!

I would say more but right now I need sleep, I feel really crappy and riding the train home with a bunch of rowdy football fans didn't help, but I've been coughing so much today and so my throat is starting to feel sore again @_@ Might say more tomorrow XD;
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