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Fuyucon 2007 - Friday Report!!

Whoo! The first day of Fuyucon has come and gone and I had one very VERY awesome time!! Luckily, despite not feeling too good this morning, my throat was kind to me through most of the day, so that was good!

Anyway I arrived in Nottingham just before 12pm and was able to make it to the hotel pretty easily! Though getting to the registration area wasn't AS easy, as you had to follow these signs that sent you up, down and everywhere XD Luckily once I got to the area I was supposed to be in I ran straight into stargirlkatie who I recognized from the Tokyopop ReCon a few weeks ago, I met all her friends too, they're a wonderful bunch of people! Hopefully I wasn't too quiet XD;
Registrations were running an hour late so we just hung around and just had some fun, then after registration we walked around a bit then went to pizza hut for something to eat~

Near where registrations took place there was this large piece of paper people could write messages on, so I drew a Pikachu and Katie drew Togepi :D We took a second trip to the dealers room after that, where I bought some Fruits Basket manga I needed~ And after that everything was just crazy, loads of taking pictures in the dealers room, there was an awesome guy dressed up as a Team Rocket grunt XD Then afterwards, when we needed to go downstairs there was this HUGE line for the one lift we had XD At this point I got glomped by a Sasuke cosplayer, my first glomp ever I think! XD Then when it was finally our turn for the lift, a TON of us piled in and much hilarity followed XD I have a video of that, but I think all the videos will most likely be posted tomorrow night or Sunday depending on how long it takes me to get them up.
After that there was lots of fun to be had in the lobby/bar area, again, loads of videos from that soon~! Then when one of Katie's friends came back as Kakashi, there was even MORE insanity to be had XD I got my foot stuck under a glomp pile 8D;

After that I had to leave so I unfortunately had to miss the opening ceremony, hope that was good for everyone who stayed and watched it :D I was lucky that the Worksop train was late departing so I was JUST able to catch the one I had planned too, only it was packed FULL of people, there was only one carriage cos apparently the 2nd one got vandalized @_@ I think for future cons, no matter where they are, I'll get accommodation next time so I can stay as long as I want and don't have to go through the hassle of leaving early and going home on the train each day, which is nice in a way cos I get to update with a fresh memory and no carrying round of heavy luggage, but yeah, the crowded train wasn't wonderful XD; And I really wish I could of stayed longer.

Tomorrow I hope to stay long enough to at least watch the Masquerade, as long as it doesn't run late XD;

Anyway, photos from today are here: http://www.pdunited.co.uk/Fuyucon2007/Friday/
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