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Fuyucon Plans~!

Throat still sore, it's kinda effecting my ears when it feels really bad and sort of effecting my appetite, but other than that I feel fine, so I'm HOPING this won't get any worse, I wanna go to Fuyucon tomorrow ><; I'm already missing Sunday due to there being no train service on that day (*WHY!?*) and now my work schedule has changed I'm working that Sunday now anyway |/
IF I'm too ill to go Friday, I'll at least try to make the Saturday, but I'm hoping I'll be okay for both days, the only concern is if I feel ill there, I'm an hour's train ride from home and I only have my dad to rely on as my mum is having an operation on her knee tomorrow. Guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

ANYWAY! The plan for tomorrow, all being well, is for me to get to Nottingham about 15 minutes before registration starts at 12pm, giving me 15 minutes to find the hotel, though I do have a rough idea where it is now, my mum and I searched for it at the beginning of the year and it wasn't too far from the Forbidden Planet store if I remember right, I'll find my way anyway.
Saturday I'll get there earlier, possibly about 10am. Both days I won't be staying that late, most likely until about 5:30pm -6pm time? Depends how dark it gets and the train times, as I need to make sure I'm not walking about Nottingham in the dark D|

I'll be armed with my insanely cute bag of doom so keep a look out for that if you want to say hi, just be kind if I can't talk back that well if my throat is still as sore as it is now D| I can't talk very loud right now. I'll also be armed with my camera, will be taking lots of photos and videos of the event!
I should really take some sandwiches too, granted there's plenty of places to eat around Nottingham, but meh, can't be bothered to find them |D; They're always so way busy anyway.
So yup, lets hope everything goes okay for the next few days ;~~;
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