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Day Out and GX Season 4 (*NEW OP/ED!*)

I'm back from a trip to Meadowhall with nightowldarksky twas very very awesome :D He showed me that new part they've built down the side of WHSmiths too XD I mainly was gonna go to Meadowhall to get ink for my printer, but ended up forgetting to bring my piece of paper that I wrote down their numbers on, oh well XD We went into toys R Us too, it's great to walk around there with someone who likes going in there too, rather than my dad who I'm sure is embarassed by it XD I got an awesome Mudkip toy, plus a Palkia and an Empoleon! The Palkia and the Empoleon are part of the think chip thing but the figures on their own are awesome anyway!

I also got some of the new Pokémon danglers! D/P ones! I got everyone except Chimchar XD I got about three Riolus though and about three or so Manaphys, luckily the one I really wanted was Riolu so I'm glad I got that! I got Pikachu too but I gave that one to nightowldarksky since I do have plenty of those already (*They never put Pikachu in a different pose XD*)
I also got some D/P cards!!
nightowldarksky got reconized from Youtube on the train as we were just arriving home too XD

I really enjoyed that day out!! It was awesome! Only I started getting a sore throat on my way home, not sure if it's because I talked too much earlier or if I'm getting a cold, I really don't want a cold with Fuyucon just around the corner ;~~;

Just looked through the pictures and saw the new OP/ED, omg awesome ;~~; I love love love Juudai's updated look!! With his dark blue trousers and his new black shirt and the spiker looking hair~ <3 In fact he doesn't have that kind of center parting on top of his hair anymore, gwah, looks awesome, need to draw his new look ;~~; He looks odd with the Uebel eyes XD But this season looks like it's gonna be awesome! And JOHAN is in the opening, so chances are he will turn up again! Also the ending....CHIBIS! XD Really nice to see Juudai just laying around on the grass too in that ending, like his old carefree self~
The songs take a few listens too for them to really stick out for me, not as catchy as the others until I've listened to them more than once, the opening song is really growing on me and I really like it!~
I love their new colour coded duel disks too, I so want Juudai's Osiris Red one X3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU91gohiGuY - New Opening

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmYndmZiu5U - New Ending

I cannot wait to see this episode, I hope it gets uploaded as HQ! WAAAANT!

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