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Still Nothing...

First of all....the battery on this laptop is CRAP! I charged it fully up last night and haven't used it since and it's ALREADY at about 28% remaining...blah need to find an extention lead ><;
Found a plug! YAY!

Okay so, still no net connection :/ And 48 hours should of really passed by now, since the test anyway...we're gonna have to leave it until Monday before my dad phones Orange up again...but this is just going no where FAST ><;; I'm hoping my brother will let me on his connection again on Wednesday, hopefully late on as I will need to discuss with the peeps at DA_R2 what I should do with Juudai if I still have no connection and no clear day when I will come back by that day :/
This is getting tiring .__.

AURA I got your parcel today!! (*Well it came Thursday but I was at work so I had to go fetch it today XD*) OMGOMG THANKYOU SO SO SO SO MUCH this has totally made my week much better X3 She got me a large Mime Jr and a small sleeping Manaphy plushie, some movie 9 figures (*Including one of JACKIE <33*) and a movie 8 pencil board!! <3333 If you want to list anything you'd like me to look out for at conventions I go to for you, feel free to list them! Thankyou so much again!!

Watching GX 156 right now, thank god for Shriek and his Youtube uploads, only a clip show anyway but it's still so very cute, loved the bit when Asuka told Manjoume Juudai would of won in their first duel back in episode 2 XD Totally love how Juudai came back too and ends with that really cute cheeky smile of his, so sweet~
Wow, hi there blonde Kaiser clone in the preview...
...and while some characters have changed their dorms...Juudai has changed his...trousers...according to the preview he wears blue ones now rather than those white ones...I think he's got a new black shirt too 8D I'm a Juudai fangirl, I NOTICE these things!
I swear net connection, BE BACK FOR WEDNESDAY, I want to watch this ep!! >o!

Well...that's it from me for now .__. See you guys...whenever... brother's home now so I'll ask him about Wednesday. Taking of Wednesday nightowldarksky and I will be going to Meadowhall that day so that's at least something really awesome to look forward too ^^ Tony, I'll text you Monday or Tuesday to clarify the time we're going if I don't have the net back by then which is seeming like I won't ;~~;
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