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Internet Update!!

Well, despite our first line test saying there was no fault on our phoneline, the second test says there IS and that it'll be fixed within 48 hours, so I'm HOPING to be back by the weekend, but really don't know if that's for sure or not, who knows ;~~; I'll give another update come Saturday afternoon anyway, but blah, getting this sorted was stressful, especially for my dad @_@ I'm hoping we're nearing the end of this horrible saga though, I've missed so much and I really miss you all ;~~;

On a good note though, Early Wednesday morning, I caught 7 shiny Ralts...SEVEN :D Two I'm keeping to evolve into a shiny Gardervoir and shiny Gallade :3

Best go check and update other places now XD Hope to speak to you all soon @___@;
Tags: internet, isp, shiny pokemon
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