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Damn you hayfever! Damn youuuuuuuuuu!

Damn HayFever....it's been playing up all day making my eyes sting like hell...I swear it just gets worse every year and to think before I was 12 I didn't even have HayFever -_-;;
The bottom of my right eyes also keeps getting a twitching feeling in it every so often, I've had it before but this is the first time it's done it for a week, the lady who I work with at the Charity shop says it's a nerve or something :p Maybe it's cos of the fact I don't get enough sleep (*needs to start going to bed BEFORE 2am*)

Meh my eyes are all itchy now -_-;;

Might work on a new splash picture for PDU in a minute, I know for definate I'm gonna have Henry on it and maybe Takato....not sure which pokémon character to choose though, I'm gonna put lotsa warm colours on it to go with the new layout I'm planning.

Talking of my site I'm always surpised when looking at my site statistics what kinda stuff people are searching for when they get to my site... I've been getting a lot of hits for FMA related searches recently due to my FMA page...not that many good ones today but here's a little selection of some I find funny.

"full metal alchemist" bittorrent" - They're hopeful trying to find that on my site XD
"digimon underpants" - Do I REALLY want to know? XD
"misty naked" - Surpsingly I get a lot of similar stuff like this people search for then get to my site and this is one of the milder ones X3
"TOGEPI KILLER" - Should I worry about that one O_o; *lol*
"hair gel factory" - I don't even know how they got to my site searching for that *lol*

And from the monthly stats:

"jesse's lingerie" - HA!

Yeah I get miles more better ones than that but gives you a good idea.... I love my site stats thingy so much X3

Gah! EYES! Itching! >_
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