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GX Ramblings~~

dhsgfhghaf GX you never fail to throw in surprises in your episodes, though I'm only going by screenshots at the moment but... ...it seems there's more to Uebel and Juudai's relationship that her just latching onto him, Uebel seems to have some kind of flashback, and there's like this girl or girly looking boy who has blue eyes and purpley/blue hair like Uebel's left side...and there's a Juudai with a bowl cut! Hahaha XD Wow...I wonder if that person just looks like Juudai or it's a past reincarnation of him? If we go down the reincarnation line, could give us an explanation to how Juudai and Johan felt like they'd met before, if this bowl cut Juudai had met a past Johan...
...that would be...interesting Oo; Just me running ideas through my head but that WOULD make sense and sounds like something GX would do really |D;;

And oh gosh...Uebel hugging Juudai at the end ;~~; This episode is gonna make me cry...

Also we have summaries for episodes 161-165!!
Looks like we get some cute stuff with Juudai and Asuka when they end up teaming up in some duel party thing, and they're dueling against Kenzan and Rei as well as something about Juudai and Asuka possibly having problems during the duel because it has something to do with Asuka placing a card face down that is hiding hidden emotions O__O

Kaiser has returned, so you may YEY! or NEY! that as much as you want, he's not dead. This has something to do with some guy with Psycho Shocker who duels with the Psycho-style going after the Cyber-style duelists, beats Samejima then goes after Kaiser...then something about Shou dueling this guy instead with Kaiser's deck O_O;

Then 165 sounds like it's made of awesome! We get a look into the life of a PRO DUELIST as Manjoume is trying to become a pro duelist but keeps getting rejected so Chronos hands him over to Edo to become his disciple and thus gets a look into what life is like as a pro duelist! <3 Way awesome!

161 also deals with Asuka wondering about her own career path so I'm glad GX is showing us that the characters are starting to think about their futures and such~

Hummm, I've been having some good luck with the GTS last night and today! Luna! I managed to get a shiny Poochyena for you, he's LV 3 and nicknamed "Darkside", I'm gonna see what other shinies I get before I give him to you though ;D I'll probably give him to you next Tuesday if you're on ^o^ I also got a shiny Slugma today! A German shiny Slugma! Shiny Magcargo's are purple!! X3

Also I'm gonna make my dad actually TRY what Orange TOLD HIM TO DO when he mentioned to them our connection problems...TONIGHT. Cos last nights fiasco was a bit too much and it really pissed me off!! I was trying to RP and it just kept CONSTANTLY DISCONNECTING ME and STAYING LIKE THAT and it would go up for like a few seconds then go down again!! ><; Juudai was in an important scene so eventually I managed to stay connected long enough to give them the right to have someone take over Juudai's role as I didn't want him plot-holing, so thanks Hino for that~ :D

It's also October 3rd, happy FMA day everyone!

EDIT: The Mysterious Cities of Gold...is coming out on DVD over here in FEBRUARY!! OMG!! ;~~~; *So happy*
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