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I has a cold ;~~;

Urg...I knew I'd get this cold X__X On Tuesday two of the work experiance people at the charity shop had colds and they were constantly buzzing around me, so I knew I'd get it. Work tomorrow is gonna be hell ;~~;

On the good side, I sucessfully caught 5 shiny Voltorbs today. Though shiny Voltorbs are stubborn, getting shinies of them were really hard @_@ I chained 101 in total, I probably could of chained more and beat my Phanpy record of 111, but I was getting a bit bored XD;
Hoping to chain a bit more over this next week, Hoppip and Swablu are on my list of possibilities, depends if I'm in a chaining mood or not.

Also need to continue on with Digimon World Dusk :D A week of playing games for me then! |D;
Tags: Pokémon pearl, cold, pokéradar chaining, shiny pokémon, sickness, urg
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