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Haou Togetic

So, earlier I got my first blatantly hacked Pokémon over the GTS, I have no idea if any of the other Pokémon I've ever gotten over that have been hacked or not, if any have, they've been done to the point where I can't tell they are...but the one I got today? Oh dear...
...I've been playing a little game with my Spiritombs, putting them up for trade and asking for a random Pokémon in return to see what I get, I've asked for Flygons, Salamances, Garchomps, Dragonairs...only earlier I decided the next one I would try would be Togetic. Checking the GTS after work, a little Togetic comes back to me and when I look at it's data?

LV 100 SHINY Togetic, caught in a Masterball, met at LV 99 on route 212.
.... Oo;
I kinda felt sorry for the little bunch of pixels really, it's nature was lonely, lonely and hacked to hell, poor thing. It's secondary nature thing was "Likes to relax", kinda cute. I "unoffically" named him "Haou" (*I liken Juudai to Togetics sometimes cos they're happy little things, only this one was lonely, lonely and over-powerful D: Haou seemed appropriate*) it was too bad I couldn't REALLY name him, but unoffically, he's Haou!
Haou now as a home with linka13 who kindly took him in :3

After that I worked on Diamond some more, after quite a struggle, I got my 5th badge! Only three more to go! Then I can defeat the Elite 4 and start using Diamond as a trading station, I don't care if I get hacks on that game XD Though most hacks I get would probably be given away to the people who want them.

I should go water my berries and go to sleep.
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