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GX 154

Uebel! Stop being cute and making me feel sorry for you! I'm not supposed to feel sorry for you, you're crazy ;~~~; The way you're pouting in the preview for 155? Gwah ;~~;
Haou Juudai is so awesome :D And I totally loved how he turned it around in the end when he managed to get out RAINBOW DRAGON of all things then fuse it with Neos to make RAINBOW NEOS~~
Juudai explodes into light in the preview for 155...if I didn't know he was coming back for the 4th season, that would really upset me |D; I think that will still upset me to a degree, I love the guy <3 Makes sense he explodes into light while doing the "Gotcha" pose! That's just perfect! XD

Gonna go make icons and stuff now :D

Oh! My shifts are changing at work, I'll have every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday free every week! I like the idea of having Wednesday off every week, means I can geek out on GX more |D Hehehe~ I don't think it'll be starting until the end of October though, I'm hoping it doesn't effect the Friday I booked off for Fuyucon, I know ONE Friday has been extended to six hours instead of four, but I'm sure it's the Friday on my bad week, Fuyucon is the Friday on my good week and...gwah I'll have to see ;~~; I should ask tomorrow maybe about how it effects holidays.

EDIT: Why do I keep spelling "House" as "Haouse"? |/ *HAS HAOU ON THE BRAIN IT SEEMS*
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