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Digimon World Dusk!

Thanks to vande_bot I now have Digimon World Dusk! A nice distraction from Pokémon Pearl XD I think I'll be switching between the two games a lot though, I have berries I need to keep an eye on in Pearl~

Anyway just started playing the game now! I went for the pretty team cos they're all so cute and it has a PANDAMON! <3

I named my Lunamon "Maria" cos I was looking on Wikipedia's page on the moon and wantd a name relating to the moon and apparently "The dark and relatively featureless lunar plains humans can clearly see when the Moon is full are called maria" and Maria is a lovely name too so I chose that XD

My Pandamon is named "Yoshiaki", the peeps at DA R2 will reconize that name, esepcially dingus since it's her character XD

My Lillymon is named Flora~

But blah, I go back to work today D:

I also need Digimon Icons XD
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