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Tokyopop ReCon - Waterstones Nottingham!

Whooo! Today I went to something called a ReCon held by Tokyopop! It was kinda like a mini convention really and it was loads and loads of fun! Thanks again for Tony ( nightowldarksky ) for inviting me along, I really enjoyed it and it was awesome to meet him for the first time! He's a really wonderful person and very easy to get along with :D We had loads of fun there! XD

Anyway like I said the ReCon was like a very mini convention~ Once we got into the room we hung around until they started the presentation, kind of advertising what they're releasing over the next few months, lots of people cheering when their faves were shown XD They also had an art and cosplay contest, neither of which were mentioned on the Waterstones site but it was still awesome :D The Cosplays were awesome! And it was fun to see younger fans there too, there were quite a few kids there that looked about 12, there was an 8 and 5-year-old in the cosplay contest too, the 5-year-old was so adorable, that alone was probably the reason why she won XD; Tony and I voted for the awesome Kakashi cosplayer! Also there was a Hughes cosplayer there too who I found out later was the one who cosplayed as Armstrong last year at Amecon! He put on such a show during the masquerade that year...and he wasn't even in it XD

I got talking to one kid who noticed my bag too, cos I took my conbag to it and he told me he liked all three shows and pointed out Gatomon as his favourite from Digimon, then told me his favourite Pokémon wasn't on the bag so when I asked what it was he told me it was Eevee :D Then he told me his favoruite Duel Monster...which I forget now and he asked mine and I was all "Winged Kuriboh~~" And he said "I have that card!" "Me too!" :D And he wandered off after that, but I'm glad my bag kinda brings people to me and lets them talk to me, that's awesome :D It was the center of some attention at Amecon this year too, a few people commented on how cute it looked XD

Anyway, they also had a raffle and I won a T-shirt! I can't believe that happened XD I never win stuff at raffles so i was really surprised when they read my number out XD And it was adorable when the Tokyopop guy asked the little girl cosplayer to draw a number, he asked her to read it out and she was all "I can't read D:" so cute XD

Oh! And I got to play on a Wii for the first time XD That was fun!

Overall it was an awesome night =D Totally need to go when they hold the next one, which they said would be about March/April time next year X3

http://www.pdunited.co.uk/ReCon/ - A few pictures from the event!

Also, the battling system on the local wi-fi in Pokemon D/P is kinda sucky, we could only use Pokémon that were LV 30 or under and could only battle with two at a time, the battling over Global Wi-fi is much better and you get a much more better feel for battles in that, Tony and I had a couple of good battles though, did some trades and messed about with the other options XD Still don't know exactly what the hell mixing records does, anyone else know what that does in D/P?
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