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List O Names~

Lucario - Starr
Drifblim - Spirit
Dustox - Autumn
Meganium - Mallow
Ursaring - Moss
Wingull - Meadow
Torchic - Aiden
Cranidos - Cranberry "Cranberi"
Oddish - Lavender
Natu - Aya
Tentacool - Aqua
Togepi - Angelus "Angel"
Carvanha - Tiburon
Quagsire - Quincy
Alakazam - Imogen
Machop - Makoto "Mako"
Glameow - Amethyst
Piplup - Mumble
Slugma - Silver
Aipom - Rosebud
Latias - Miranda
Registeel - Chrome

Just a list of the names I've given to the shinies I have that can't actually be officially named, but if I use them in battle I'll display their names via ball capsule seals ^o^ This is here just incase I lose my written notes to what names they have XD

I WAS gonna name my shiny Togepi "Juudai", but after looking at my Togekiss, my Togekiss's nature is MUCH more Juudai-ish (*Brave natured and I think Proud of it's Power, not sure XD*) plus it used to be a Shadow Pokémon, it's from my friends XD game, so initally, my Juudai Togekiss had darkness in it's heart D: HAAAOOOUUU~~!
Anyway, yeah, I decided to go for Angel, cos if I remeber right, back when I played Gold/Silver rom I called my Togepi Angel in that.

At some point I need to train these guys and girls up :D

I should go to sleep now :/
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