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Poké-Dork Talk

I love Spiritombs~~ I've been randomly uploading some to the GTS recnetly and asking for random things like Garchomps and I get them traded to me quite quickly |D;
Also, last night, I got traded an Adamant natured Japanese Umbreon, it came with mail that read something along the lines on "Nice to meet you! I love CARNIVINE! A SPIRITOMB thanks! UMBREON is strong, isn't it?" and I thought it was so so cute |D Gaaah, this Umbreon is a keep, it's coolness is pretty much close to maxed out too, it's legit though, it was the Eevee given to you in Hearthrome by Bebe. Might make this little guy a contest star |D;

Tomorrow I might need to post a trade update on pokewifi since my post is like three pages back now and I have one pending trade, plus seven shiny Pokémon left that need homes. Not surprised the Geodudes and Starlys haven't gone yet, considering they're pretty common Pokémon (*Even IF they're shiny XD*), the Nosepasses' went straight away to the same person XD That was awesome! I got loads of awesome shinies from doing that post :D And I'm glad the post went better than I thought, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to catch people due to time zoneness XD
I'm glad the ones that went have homes where they'll get used too, it was a shame to have them just sitting there on my game doing nothing.

I currnetly have a Spiritomb up for a Salamance on the GTS, I'm just trying to build a collection up of Pokémon that are most commonly asked for when I find shinies or something equally as awesome (*Ya know...other than stupid things like LV9 and under Mews |o*) every so often I find a shiny going for something decent, like a Garchomp so~~~
I saw a german shiny Treecko last night ;~~~; I wanted that so much but it was obviously up for cloning D:
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