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GX 153!!! :D

fdhgshfhhf oh my god this episode was awesome ;~~~;

Ooooh gosh Juudai ;~~~; The face you made when you learned everyone was alive, that was just so utterly adorable and you finally excepted that you needed to use Haou's power oh god the ending was awesome for that pretty yellow eyes~~~~
And those funky bubble things that made Juudai have flashbacks and Uebel's huge monolog, can't wait until the sub comes out so I know what they're saying ^^; I wanna know what was up with the whole CAT scan scene, but still, LITTLE JUUDAI ;~~~; sdghafgdhf so cute!!

I'm... just gonna go melt into a fangirl pile now, yes, yes~~~
Tags: fangirling, haou juudai, uebel, yu-gi-oh! gx, yuuki juudai
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