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Ed singing! HA!

Yknow what after Sapphire Luna told me a few days ago that Ken Ichijouji's Japanese voice Actor is the same as Ed's I now can't listen through Ken's Image song without picturing humorous scenes of Ed singing it XD I'm actually suprised I never picked up their voice actors were the same but then again I haven't see that much of 02 in Japanese, but it shows how much I know when I thought "Paku Romi" was the name of an anime XD Silly me! *hits self over the head*

Hahaha! yes that was my random note of the day!

In other news it's going to be even more hotter today than yesterday and I love my news thing on PDU *Squeals and hugs it*

Okay best get into town as I have some things I must do =p
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