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Talk Like a Pirate Day!! <33

Arrrr mateys, I be forgettin' it was talk like a pirate day today! Need ta update ye olde Juudai's journal at me RP, he be lovin' this day very much!

Talkin' of that 'ere stuff, I be lookin' at da pictures for GX episode 153!! Arrrr, good stuff, good stuff, lookin' like it be the return of that scalliwag Haou next week, arrr.
Also, they be givin' a sex change ta Glow Moss!!

I set sail for town earlier an' got a pattern for mah Shou cosplay!! We be givin' that a try anyway!!

Conversation I had with my mum in town today after getting the pattern for my Osiris Red jacket:

Mum - "Why can't you go as Robin Hood? There's plenty of outfits for that!"
Me - "But that's not anime"
Mum - "It is, you used to watch it all the time" (*Meaning the Disney version*)
Me - "Well since I'm going to a convention for JAPANESE cartoons..."
Mum - "Well there might be one for it"
Me - ....*Proceeds to think what an anime version of Robin hood would look like. Complete with arrows that blow things up and Princess Mononoke forest-like sprites in Sherwood Forest*
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