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Hello Duel Box 10 I wasn't expecting you today!
...you still say you're in "Shipping Process" on the site Oo; No wonder I don't have an e-mail!
Weeeellll, just as long as they don't send it twice and charge me twice, no problem! XD Obviously someone at CDJapan really likes me! Or it was Johan's crazy Rainbow powers that did it, either way, it's HERE! :D

So we have a colour picture of Jim, Amon and Johan (*With Karen and Ruby!*), a nice freaky looking one of Saiou, MORE JOHAN and a really nice picture of Cobra actually, it had him in a dueling stance, then behind that it's a closer shot of him looking really sad, then behind that is Uebel!Rick stood with his back to him.

Weird thing with the booklet is that on the first page there is always ALWAYS a picture of Juudai, this time, it's a picture of JOHAN. In fact, other than the little screenshot backdrop on the back of the booklet and duel box, Juudai is not seen ANYWHERE on this box.

Lineart wise we have Johan, The Gem Beasts, O'Brien and his monsters, Jim and Karen :D So no Cobra or Amon this time around, I'm guessing we might get them and POSSIBLY Uebel lineart in Duel Box 11, that's not until Christmas time though so we'll have to wait and see! XD

I'll get these scanned in later today~~

Gosh I'm tried XD;;
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