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Work Stuffs and More GX Season 4!!

So, my day started today by my brother waking me up some where past 9AM, he told a sleepy me that he needed to use our shower cos my mum's house had a leak in the bathroom, possibly due to the water being turned off last night. It was off tonight too, water is a very icky brown colour .__. Ewww.
I'm surprised I remembered half the stuff he told me while he was round here, I really was half asleep at the time XD;

Ended up getting up when my mum came around at about midday, scared me when she shouted for me, cos I woke up thinking I was late for work XD;

Work was very...hell-ish, damn Fridays, I swear they get worse, and we never seem to have enough staff to handle the queues on that day. The first part of my shift was fine, I even had some nice ladies comment on the colour of my hair of all things, but that made me happy, because it's my natural colour and it's nice when people tell me they really like the colour and I can tell them it's natural and I like it too! The elderly woman started the comment with "Your hair has red in it, doesn't it?" which it does, it's hard to really notice it at times I think.
But after that the shift went down hill quick...they put me on the basket till...AGAIN! GAH I HATE THAT TILL SO MUCH! >o! I get very...edgey on it for some reason, possibly because instead of having a queue of 2 or 3, I have a queue of about 6-8 when it's REALLY busy .__. That and there was this horrible woman who was complaining about the queues, she wasn't complaining at me directly but was talking loud enough to hear.
"You'd think they'd have more staff on on Fridays" then turns to her small boy and is all "This is why we shop at Tesco's isn't it?"
THEN GO SHOP THERE THEN! We do the best we can :/
I'm glad I only have to work tomorrow, then off for a week and a half YAY!

Also GX season 4 is sounding really interesting O_O ...well, there's a Mr. T but I just found it amusing, as soon as I read 160's episode description all I could think of was Juudai dueling THE Mr. T :D; THAT would be hilarious! XD
Er, anyway that aside, KAGEMARU, SAIOU AND O'BRIEN ARE BACK YEAH! It seems...Uebel is part of Juudai now? Interesting =o and HOLY CRAP UNEXPECTED DARKNESS BACKGROUND!!
I'm looking forward to seeing where season 4 takes us :D

Checked out the new GTS site, that looks WAY spiffy, though I'm not sure exactly how it benefits us GTS users, other than being given info like what the top 10 Pokémon were traded for like a Charmander or something XD Eh, might go on the GTS tomorrow while on that site and use it together. I like how it lists all the Pokémon up on there at the time when you look a certian Pokemon up, but there's no garentee you'll find the one you wnat in the list on the GTS itself, though I like how on the site it lists what attacks they have too!

That's enough rambling for today!
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