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Random Bits and Bobs

Good news, the small lump under my arm seems to be getting smaller, I think it is anyway, my mum took a look at it yesterday and told me it looked more like a spot or boil @_@ Buuut gonna see what it's like on Monday, but it does seem smaller!!

Hummm tomorrow after work I might try chaining Minun in the evil Trophy Garden :/ Should be easy enough to find one with Satoshi's static ability. Hehehe! Only three more days to work then off for a week and a half! YAY!
Still need to keep an eye out for any possible animal jobs hopefully with a "no experiance nesscery" thing attached to it, I've...really had enough of retail and it's not what I wnated to do in the first place.

Also, GX episode 152 was awesome...It's was so so so so so cute when all the Gem Beasts were calling out to Johan inside Rainbow Dark Dragon, they were all "JOHAN! JOHAN! RUBEE BEE!" and I am SO glad Johan is back now :D No more Johuber, though regular Johan looks kinda odd in Johuber's outfit XD Odd but still hot ;~~;
Rainbow Neos is pretty...and has HUGE WINGS!
Oh gosh, when Juudai drew Super Fusion, poor guy is going through so much in this duel but I'm so glad he was able to play it to save Johan and get Rainbow Neos :D
Really looking forward to the rest of this duel :3

Ooooh! I got an Enigma berry off the GTS last night, it seems to be a rather rare-ish berry yes? Seems there's only a few ways you can get it. Takes a goddamn long time to grow though, but I'm growing it so I can get more :D
Which reminds me, should really go water it.

...I really need a new layout for this journal XD; /random thought
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