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So apparently, there's going to be a season 4 of GX, A SEASON 4 HELL YES!
Whaaaat, I like my GX fixes on Wednesdays D:

Shou, Rei and Manjoume are all in blue now apparently, seems Juudai returned, but it looks like he's shut himself away from everyone, guess he's still being emo XD *Pets* but the first episode introduces to us that the card holograms aren't working!! And something about people thinking Juudai might know something about why it's doing that. Ooooh! :o
Apparnetly Johan and co have returned to their schools now though, so no more deck full of gay rainbows? ;~~~; I hope at least Johan comes back later.

SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!! X3!! This gets my Jim icon of awesome!
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