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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 151

hjfdghfhsg my god this episode was awesome!!
Juudai has this little pep talk with his monsters! That was so cute! And they keep pep talking and helping through the duel, FLAME WINGMAN SPEAKS! :D And the whole "flame tackling Cobalt Eagle" thing appears to of been an attempt for Juudai to reach Johan's soul, only it's not there~ He realizes soon after that his soul is in Rainbow Dark Dragon in his deck it seems.
Juudai drew Fusion on this first turn too, poor guy and his inner struggling, I'm glad he managed to use it AND get out his favourite card, FLAME WINGMAN! YES!!

Uebel did a lot of switching back and forth between Johan's voice and her own in this episode, that was awesome, especially when using Uebel's voice, she just sounds so creepy XD Especially when she's complimenting Juudai.

Oh god, Juudai stalled for a few seconds when ordering Neos to direct attack Johuber, because he looked up and pictured Johuber as Johan smiling at him, awwwww! Cue more pep talking from Neos.

And...when Rainbow Dark dragon was summoned, there was some AWESOME NEW BGM! Very dramatic sounding O__O And then Juudai was all shouting to Johan, then he takes a hit from Rainbow Dark Dragon, he gets knocked down and struggles to get back up...THEN HE HEARS JOHAN CALLING HIM! :D

These last few episodes are gonna be so so so awesome OMG I'm loving this!! *Enter Fangirl squeal here*

Need to get this ep in HQ, then I can take pretty screenshots |D
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