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Random Thoughts About Stuff

You know what? I think...I really wanna go back to my original idea of what job I wanted, the job I always said I wanted as a kid, working with animals. I avoided it, thinking it was a lost cause due to the allergy I developed with the dust on animal fur (*Or at least I think that's what it is, as the allergy came about the same time as my dust allergy started*) and it's not like it's a serious allergy, it just makes my eyes poofy and my throat itchy ect. I'm sure there would be a way to suppress the reactions a little, just need to know what.
I wonder if I should ask my doctor about that, or maybe give store bought stuff a try again? I've only seen my doctor once and that one time she just gave out this air of..."you're wasting my time", didn't seem like she wanted to help or felt...doctor-ish at all really, meh @_@

There's an animal rescue centre situated a lot closer to me than I thought. I really thought the Kilton Cat/Pet rescue place would of been more out of the way, when really, I don't live far from it at all. I'm curious to what types of volunteers they take on and what their jobs would be. Apparently they rescue wildlife and all sorts, as well as pets.

I think, with me being more of an animal person than a people person, working with animals would be ideal and it's what I've always wanted to do. I'd rather work in a rescue centre or Kennel/cattery environment though, rather than say a vet or something, I'm not one for medical know-how. Though rescue centres work on charity and tend to not have many people actually employed.
That's why I need to learn how to drive, even though I don't want to (*Me on a road with a car would be a terrifying thought...*) but I'd need that to get access to things further a field.

Just looking at North Notts College website, I can't find courses on Animal Care anymore, heh, they'd have to be really really part time courses anyway, what with me having a job and all X__X;
I kinda wish...all those years ago, back when I was first enquiring about college courses just after I left school, that the Animal Care course got back to me first instead of the art one. Maybe things would of been different then.

Hummm, just random thoughts for now.
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