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Yes, I'm still feeling like this about that place :/

Every Friday...I think I dislike being at that place just a little bit more.

I don't want to be there anymore, not because of the people, the people I work with are awesome, I just don't feel I'm good at the job. I'm not a people person, I'm not a confident person, I'm shy, I have no concentration, I can't deal with more than one thing at once, if I get interrupted or something happens to throw me off track, I get confused and do stupid things cos my brain is all "hfdfsgfgfhjg".
I should be in a quiet job, where I don't have tons of people buzzing around me, where I can just sit down, do the job without interruption, get it done and go home.
Maybe I should think about working in an office? .__. Though I'm put off by the fact you have to answer phones in most of them and even if I ignore that, you still need fancy ass qualifications just to say you can work a freakin' computer |/

I'm amazed by the amount of people who tell me I should do something with my ability to draw when at the time all most of them see are crappy doodles on pieces of scrap paper...
...and even if I DID think I could draw good enough to do something with it, there's no jobs about for it...

Gwah, I was saying the same things like three months ago wasn't I? >__<; I wish Worksop had more jobs to offer than shop or pub work .__.

*Curls into a Shouball*
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