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GX 150 Ramblings

Oh Uebel, despite the fact that you're insane, I still feel sorry for you, how DO you manage that? The bit where she started crying (*As Johuber of course*) was just wow XD;
I know it probably won't happen but...am I the only one hoping she has a happy ending with Juudai? At SOME POINT? D|
I love her character though, seriously.

Oh...and poor Amon too. The part where he died...very sad and he was all "ECCCCCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" DDD:

In the next episode, Flame Wingman shoots flames at Juudai and he does a FLAMING TACKLE INTO COBALT EAGLE....WTF JUUDAI?

Best get to bed now I've had my GX fill for tonight~ Work tomorrow afterall D:
Tags: amon garam, echo, flame wingman, juudai, uebel, yu-gi-oh! gx, yubel, yuber, yugioh gx
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