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Sapphire Pegasus!

Oh! I forgot to mention yesterday that I got my Sapphire Pegasus tin :3 I got it loads earlier than I expected too, most places listed it as soming out something like the 29th or 30th (*Including where I got mine*) but I guess they decided to give me a treat and give it to me early <3
Anyway, this means I now have all the gem beasts except RAINBOW DRAGON which I'll hopefully be getting in November when it's tin comes out :D For some odd reason I really want to build a Gem beast deck despite the fact I'll probably not use it XD;

Hummm, what should I do today, I feel like doing arty stuffs, I've been in a real arty mood recently and yes, to all those who liked my Lucky Star Johuber picture, I've been working on more, I currently have done: Juudai, Johuber, Johan, Shou (*Both Ra Yellow and Osiris Red*) and I have sketches done for Edo, Kaiser and Manjoume.

Oh, also earlier I lot a Glameow chain, and I was doing so well, I'd gotten up to a chain of 28, I'll try again later maybe XD It's Psyduck time too! I might transfer over some Ponytas to Diamond along with Ruby and Amber, need to concentrate on Diamond so I can start breeding stuff and use Diamond as my main breeding and trading grounds, I also won't care about recieveing hacks over the GTS for that game, I'm just rather over-protective of my Pearl game, with the amount of shinies and hard-trained on Pokémon I have on it |/
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