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Shiny Flaaffys!

Long long irritating day at work today X__X

Last night it was warm in my room and I knew I'd have trouble sleeping which was a good enough excuse for me to start chaining Flaaffy on Pearl (*Chaining makes me feel tired XD*). By 4:30am, I had chained 51 Flaaffy's and gotten THREE shinies out of it :D
Flaaffy was suprisingly easy to chain actually O_O

Oh, I started on Diamond a few days ago, already have my first gym badge, I totally owned Roark with my Turtwig :D Need to really get as far as getting Fly at least, Diamond will hopefully be my breeding storage game @_@
Also, on Diamond, my trainer's name is Johan and his team is Gem Beast inspired XD Still need to transfer over Ruby the Eevee and a Swinub named Amber.
Tags: Pokémon pearl, flaaffy, pokémon Diamond, shiny Pokémon
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