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I love your dorky grins, Juudai <3

Yeah I'm colouring some of the recent manga chapter for icons, gwah I love the manga so much, I miss these dorky Juudai moments in the anime, he kinda has so few of them now. I loved how after he gave Seika the thumbs up and a smile, she was all ">o *Storms off*", poor Juudai's expression after that was priceless:

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Also, I love the fact that Hane Kuriboh might actually be part of the manga storyline, as much as the fluffball is awesome, it didn't do that much in the anime other than help win a few duels for Juudai and pop up at convenient times. Yes the manga is superior to the anime, but I love the anime anyway, it's the only place we get a crazed stalker hermaphrodite Duel Monster and a German with a rainbow fetish :3

Gotta get ready for work now D:
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