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Well, it's a start.

Well, my mum and I got into town today :D We decided to check out a fabric shop we have and found some nice red material, my mum is going to try and MAKE the Osiris Red jacket XD To be honest I don't think she's too positive it'll work out that well but I told her all she really needs is a pattern to make a man's shirt, then we just modify the rest XD; Guess we'll see how it goes @_@ Other than that I just need a yellow turtle neck shirt thing for under the coat and black/grey jeans/trousers :D YAY!
Oh...and a GX Duel Disk, haven't seen many of those about @_@

I got some Tactical Evolution boosters today too! Only three though XD And no Rainbow Dragon Like I'd be luckily enough to get THAT XD but what I DID get were TWO of Juudai's cacoon monsters (*Chrysalis Pantail and Chrysalis Mole*) AND that "Damage = Reptile" trap card of Cobra's that has Juudai's picture on it :D Wheeeeee~ I got a few other Juudai cards and probably quite a few of Cobra's XD
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