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Shiny Krabby!!

Well...I haven't chained much recently (*Tried a Bronzor chain at Amecon but lost it at chain 31*) so today, out of boredom (*Cos I can't get onto the GTS for some odd reason to check on my Ponyta/Psyduck trade*) I checked todays swarm, it was Krabby. I haven't tried chaining them yet so I decided to give it a go.

...on chain 6 I got a shiny Krabby XD I almost missed the shiny patch too, I was more looking at the one that was the furthest away and then I was all... "wait...that patch behind me just sparkled". That is my second lowest chain I caught a shiny on, my most lowest being the shiny Psyduck at chain 5.

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Tags: Pokémon Pearl, chaining, krabby, shiny pokémon
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