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Well I finally gave in

Well it seems I have my Paypal account all finally set up now finally XD Well it will be once I can confirm the funding thing which I can't for a few days. The pull of getting Pokémon plushies off ebay was finally just too strong :<
My friend MetalRavenmon has very kindly ordered me the Spring Pachirisu plushie to go with my spring Turtwig plush (*Eeeee! Thankyou so so much for that X3*) but upon looking through the seller (*Who appears to be based in London which is a plus*) I finally decided to finish off setting up my paypal account so I can treat myself every now and then with Japanese Pokémon plushies X3 So hopefully it works when I do order something, might see how long it takes for my friend to get the Pachirisu plushie beforehand though :D
Right now I'm torn between ordering a cute Jirachi or a Lucario for my first purchase XD;;

Gwah, I'm really tired for some reason...okay...it's probably cos I was up past 2am drawing Haruhi!Juudai
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