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Psyduck GTS Giveaway :o


Interesting O_O Some of the Pokémon games creators are gonna be trading their Psyducks for Ponyta over the GTS until Thursday this week and again Sunday - Thursday next week. All you have to do is put a Ponyta up for offer, request that you're looking for a Psyduck with no level or gender preference and see if you're lucky enough to get a Psyduck from them. Seems there are 90 to give away :o 30 each from the three of them!

The only thing I'm concerned about is how this games site seems to specifically state AMERICAN Ponyta, so I'm worried they're only going to be doing trades with people who's location states they're from the US. If they did that, that would suck so very very much :/ The rest of the world are fans too! ;~~~; But I'm gonna give it a try anyway...I need to catch more Ponytas O__O
Having a Psyduck from one of the creators would be so super awesome *Wants one from Ken Sugimori X3*
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