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RAINBOW DRAGON! ...and a dream!

Random Rainbow Dragon sketch :D Used a screenshot ref. for most of it though, since I was just trying to get the feel of drawing it. Yu-Gi-Oh! dragons can he hard to draw wth all their details @_@

I'm feeling a bit better today, not as Shouball-ish XD; Kinda hate it when I get into a slump like that cos it seems silly afterwards, thanks for the comments though, you guys made me feel loads better :D

Oh and I had this really strange dream last night Oo; I saw loads of rainbows that kept dissapearing and reappearing and then I saw Johan riding on his Rainbow Dragon. Then for some odd reason I dreamed that Haruhi became a cook at a church...I have no idea why (*Everyone wanted Jamie Oliver anyway*) .__. Then she got angry at some round red thing she was holding and threw it away and one of the priests at the church was all "Oh fu---...I can't believe she threw it away..."
Oh and something about a bomb blast I apparnetly got caught in at some point during my dream adventures Oo; Apparently it happned down near the shops where I live and I had a scar on my leg from where I apparnetly got cut by glass. Scary and...so very weird.
...I still love my dreams though :D
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